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Inspiring tomorrow’s female leaders

The                        Leadership Programme

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SistersIN is creating an ecosystem where schools, businesses and leaders are helping female students unlock a world of potential and develop the leadership skills needed to succeed in tomorrow's workplace. 
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SistersIN has created the signature SistersIN Leadership Programme, an 8-month development journey for sixth form girls to help build their confidence and broaden their career perspectives. 

The programme delivers ….​

  • Leadership development training​

  • Mentorship from female business leaders​

  • Project leadership experience​

Facilitated by schools in collaboration with leaders and businesses across Northern Ireland.

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What's unique about                       :


we're connecting with young women at the point when they are first starting to think about future careers, giving them a broader perspective and showcasing new professional possibilities. 

Starting earlier
Meaningful encounters 

we provide meaningful mentoring relationships with female leaders which bring different professions to life and provide inspiration and opportunities to hear personal stories and real-world real world career advice.

Focused on application 

we're encouraging participants to step into the leadership role themselves and apply what they have learnt. We provide the pupils with real-life experience and help them build confidence and resilience. 

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