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About SistersIN

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About the Charity

The SistersIN Leadership Programme and idea was born out of Assumption Grammar School under the leadership of Peter Dobbin, Principal, in 2018. The initial programme pilot in 2019 proved to be so successful that it inspired the foundation of a charity to help broaden the impact and reach of the programme to more schools and pupils. 

The SistersIN Charity was established in 2022 and is currently still in the process of registration.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to enable, empower and develop female pupils in Education to become the leaders of tomorrow; to help them discover their full potential & open new possibilities for their professional journeys by building leadership capability and confidence.

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Our Trustees

Peter Dobbin

I have been Principal of Assumption Grammar School since 2014; a school which has been committed to empowering young female leaders of the future since it was established in September 1933. 
I have been a proactive and innovative educationalist with almost 30 years experience in a leadership role in schools. Over the years, I have had the opportunity to work with forward-thinking, leading men and women in business and in schools who have inspired me to believe that, when schools and industry leaders work together, in the power of education, it can transform lives. As Founder of SistersIN, I believe that we have the opportunity to make that happen.

“As a Principal and as a parent, it is my job to ensure that our young female leaders of the future are equipped with the necessary skillset and that they are prepared to face the challenges of real-life and work when they move on from education. The concept of SistersIN is simple but powerful and has the potential to become a positive influence on the lives of so many aspiring female leaders of the future. Every school should embrace the vision of SistersIN and become part of our journey to maximise the potential of our leaders of the future.”

Aisling Press

Managing Director of Personal Banking, Danske Bank. Member of Executive team and responsible for leading c. 600 people.

I’m a banking professional with over 20 years’ experience in leadership roles across diverse teams. I held a school governor position for over 10 years and I’m a huge advocate of learning and professional development. I am passionate about leadership and completed my MSc in Executive leadership. I truly believe in the power of sponsorship and mentoring to instil belief and empower women to be their absolute best. As well as mentoring both men and women within the bank, I have been mentoring externally through Women in Business for four years and was delighted to support the pilot phase of SistersIN.

“As a mother of a 28-year-old daughter, a female leader and a past pupil of AGS, I’m inspired by the vision and ambition of SistersIN to make a real difference in showing our girls that anything is possible and to play our part in enabling a greater representation of women into senior roles across diverse businesses and boards. 
I really believe SistersIN has the potential to scale and bring focus to leadership development, empowerment and belief as part of the education pathway and enable young women to achieve more in their future careers.
I’d love to see more businesses across NI get involved and support the programme through sponsorship, mentoring and exposure to senior female leaders. We all have the ability to make a difference which in time will increase the presence and skill of female leaders across our businesses and industries.”

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Peter Cochrane

I am Chartered Accountant and trained in one of the “Big 4” professional services firms. I have held various roles within industry and worked with clients from a range of sectors to include the technology, construction and pharmaceutical industries, whilst working alongside listed, private equity backed and SME clients. I currently work in a leadership role within Assumption Grammar School and I am passionate about promoting awareness of leadership opportunities for young people. I have experience in sourcing and submitting grant applications holding a position on the Fundraising & Grants Committee at my local football club. 

“I would encourage all pupils to take advantage and make the most of the resources provided by SistersIN. I believe that the exposure to current leaders, the learning materials provided and the experiences gained through participation in the SistersIN programme is unrivalled and will provide pupils with focus through their further education and on to their chosen career.”

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