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About the Charity

The SistersIN Leadership Programme and idea was born out of Assumption Grammar School under the leadership of Peter Dobbin, Principal, in 2018. The initial programme pilot in 2019 proved to be so successful that it inspired the foundation of a charity to help broaden the impact and reach of the programme to more schools and pupils.

SistersIN is a limited company registered in Northern Ireland: SistersIN No: NI688523, SistersIN Charity Number: 109051.

Sisters in Marketing layouts-09.png
Our Mission

Our mission is to enable, empower and develop female pupils in Education to become the leaders of tomorrow; to help them discover their full potential & open new possibilities for their professional journeys by building leadership capability and confidence.

Our Board of Directors

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From left to right:

Mr Peter Cochrane

Position: Treasurer 

Ms Ciara Mageean

Position: Secretary 

Mr John Healy

Position: Trustee

Mrs Oonagh O’Reilly

Position: Trustee

Mr Peter Dobbin

Position: Chair

Mrs Aisling Press

Position: Vice-Chair

Mr Yi Kang Choo

Position: Trustee 

Professor Karen Elaine Morrison (absent from photo)

Position: Trustee 

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